Former Colt Marlin Jackson A Champion For Local Neighborhoods

Former Colt Marlin Jackson a champion for local neighborhoods with latest project

Posted 3:56 PM, July 17, 2018, by Larra Overton, Updated at 03:57PM, July 17, 2018

Marlin Jackson's latest project is building on his work within schools in some of Indy's underserved neighborhoods. "I thought about when they go home and how can I influence and affect the community that they live and the area that their growing up,” Jackson said of his Fight For Life Foundation.
That's when the Super Bowl champion broke ground on the concept of revive construction group, partnering with Scott Blyze, who was drawn to the project after a career in commercial construction and development.

"What this does is, this energizes me in the fact that I get to build something where it's going to make a difference in someone else's life,” Blyze explained.

The progress being made at these two sites on Graceland Avenue near 38th Street are the product of Revive's efforts with Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership.
"As far as the order of this project, it’s INHP at the top, they're funding the project, and then you have Near North Development Corporation which is the developer,” the former Colt said. “So we are the builder, Revive Construction Group working for Near North Development Group."
This site in the Crown Hill neighborhood is the first of a number of properties that Revive Construction Group will develop over the next five years to not only revitalize local neighborhoods like this one but to also create responsible home owners in the community.
"The vision is really to merge real estate development with social service,” Jackson said. “Through Revive Property Group we are going to build duplexes, rental units, but within those units, we will prepare people to actually own a home."
The impact will happen quickly, as these homes are set to be complete in the fall.
We look forward to seeing the family that takes over the keys to this home once we finish it,” Jackson said.

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