Colts Fans Vacation At Training Camp

Colts fans trek from Maryland to Indiana, dedicating family vacation to training camp

Posted 5:25 PM, July 27, 2018, by Larra Overton, Updated at 06:44PM, July 27, 2018


WESTFIELD, Ind. – Sharing a love of Colts football with fellow fans is what brought the Mallery family from Maryland to Indiana for their first training camp experience.
“This is a family atmosphere, that’s why I love the team so much, its faith and family,” Bryan Mallery explained. “It brings people together with one common interest.”
Each year, Bryan and his wife, Lisa, travel to several Colts games throughout the season, and this year decided to make the eight-hour road trip with their 5-year-old daughter Mckenzie and dedicate their family vacation to the Colts Training Camp experience.
“We have done a lot of things but we just enjoy Colts football together. She wasn’t much of an NFL fan before we got married but she’s adapted and she has a passion just like I do now,” Bryan said of his wife.
“It’s just a good experience to spend time with family and other Colts fans and we get to share this together and we got to meet the players and I never expected that,” Lisa explained.
The family had already collected many autographs, including Andrew Luck, Adam Vinatieri and Malik Hooker.
Despite being from Maryland, Bryan says the team’s previous connection to Baltimore didn’t affect his passion for the Colts.
“I was born in ’85 they moved in ’84 so it didn’t make a difference to me,” he said of the team’s departure from Baltimore. “I mean you do still get a little bit of a response when you go down there for the ravens games about it and you try not to flash it too much.”
Bryan and Lisa are members of the Western Maryland Blue Brigade, a Colts fan club. They credit social media for introducing them to many of the Colts fans they’re hanging out with during this training camp.
“It all started on Facebook,” Bryan admitted of the friendships he formed with central Indiana-based Colts fans years ago. “People just with a common interest getting together, everybody just took us in like family and it just motivates us to come back every year.”

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