Colts Lineback Develops Fan App

Colts linebacker Najee Goode develops app that allows fans to snag celebrity style

Posted 5:48 PM, August 6, 2018, by Larra Overton, Updated at 05:54PM, August 6, 2018


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The next time you want to learn more about your favorite Colts players, other pro athletes and celebrities, Najee Goode has an app for that.
“You want to watch a video and you see what you’re watching and you actually like it and you want to learn more about it, we help you do that,” Goode explained.
The Veepio app is designed to make media and social media more interactive. The new Colts linebacker got the idea to launch the app with two friends while watching TV.
“Basically, me and my boys were hanging out and we saw this hilarious shirt this comedian was wearing but we couldn’t find out who it was and this was back in 2012 and 2013 when the social media trend started coming along with Instagram and Twitter and everything like that, but nobody possessed the power to go ahead and buy immediately what you wanted,” the industrial engineering major said.
So, if you see a post of former Colts star and radio host Pat McAfee and want to snag a set of his Bose headphones, Veepio links you right to it. You can also connect with players social media and see their latest videos.
“In the next few weeks, Colts fans will be able to watch our practices and while they are watching practices and when they see Andrew (Luck) throw a pass they’ll be able to go on his latest interviews, Frank’s (Reich) latest interviews,” Goode added. “I know everybody was trying to get Frank’s shirt that he was wearing in the first team meeting, and they’ll be able to buy that directly from the app.”
This summer, Najee had the opportunity to present his Veepio app at the Hashtag Sports summit in NYC which is billed as the biggest sports media and innovation conference and he learned from leaders in media and technology, like Twitter and ESPN.
“It was huge for me personally to see how closely technology intertwined with sports and a lot of guys don’t know that because they’re so concentrated on one and not the other and I would encourage everybody to step out and do it,” the West Virginia University grad said of his business pursuits. “What it did for me and my company was that fans want a better experience. What better way to do it than to view what you want to watch and click to learn more about it.”
Najee said the Veepio app will be connected to six to ten NFL team apps in the next few weeks and incorporated across all the NFL teams by the end of the year.

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